About Us

Novamarine, synonym for state-of-the-art and high-quality, was one of the world’s first brands to build ribs with a rigid hull. Over the years, Novamarine has achieved outstanding results in the supply of military and professional ribs to the World’s biggest organisation as the Navy Seals, the UK Navy, coast guard and fire fighters.

The entire production is carried out in state-of-the-art facilities in Olbia, at the doorsteps of the world-famous Costa Smeralda in Sardinia (Italy). Today, after years dedicated to research and development, Novamarine manufactures unequalled high-level vessels.

Yet today, with over 30 years of history behind its back, Novamarine boats are no longer RIBs – 90%. New construction methods, modern vacuum infusion technology, innovative foam filled tubes, accurate choice of materials, care for details, advanced technologies and high-quality craftsmanship. These are the distinctive features of the firm which allows us to produce bold boats with new lines.

Entirely custom, Novamarine vessels are designed and “tailor-made” according to the specific requirements of the buyer, besides the type of use of the boat. The majority of the components are hand-made by a skilled staff and the result is that every piece and accessory has a unique and specific shape, completely different from the one already available on the market. This allows our customer to have an exclusive boat that reflects their taste and character.

Novamarine compliance with the requirements concerning the management systems of high-quality standards and its relentless work were officially acknowledged with the attainment of the most renowned and important international certificates: RINAMIL, certification ISO 9001:2008, IQ NET, CISQ, CE. This can assure the customer regarding the safety and reliability of our crafts.

Our Range

  • Black Shiver
  • Novamarine HD
  • Novamarine RH
  • Novamarine Tender

The Black Shiver line is the flagship of Novamarine manufacturing: a custom product dedicated to whoever is looking for the best of technology, design and functionality.

The HD line is the most sporty and dynamic of Novamarine range. Novamarine HD boats offer maneuverability, stability and great performances reaching breathtaking speeds in full safety.

Novamarine RH: one of Novamarine’s most successful lines. The design of the hull, the traditional tubular and powerful engines make the models of this line agile and sprightly.

Novamarine Tender is the line of custom tender for large yachts.